The Beatles and Woolton

The Beatles & Woolton,. For the full Beatles story, click here.

A number of Beatles-related landmarks have put Woolton firmly on the tourist trail – John Lennon's childhood home can be found on Menlove Avenue, and Strawberry Field (Lennon added an 's' in his song title), the orphanage where Lennon played as a boy, is on Beaconsfield Road.

Lennon & McCartney first met, and later played together as the Quarrymen, at the hall in St Peter's Church. And by a curious coincidence, there's an Eleanor Rigby buried in the church's graveyard – though whether this is the person who inspired McCartney's song is moot.

Woolton attracts its fair share of Beatles-obsessed day-trippers. Fans travel to Woolton from just about every corner of the globe to pay homage to their heroes. For a full story on the Beatles and how they arrived see here

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