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Of all the villages within the Merseyside region Woolton must stand unique.


Few, if any, can boast having, within its boundary: its own railway station;

golf course;

farrier & blacksmith;

village green;

swimming baths;


16 pubs and a cafe bar;

two parks (Reynold’s Park (Green Flag award) and the Swing Park/Recreation Ground, Quarry Street);

Woolton Wood (Green Flag award);

two supermarkets;

a library;

six active Places of Worship (Gateacre Chapel, Holy Family, St Hilda, St. James, St. Mary, St. Peter);

two Conservation areas;

two village crosses (the Village Cross & Hunts Cross);

and over 150 Listed buildings.



If you take in another half-mile radius or so around the village boundary then Woolton probably has the highest concentration of Listed buildings outside of the city centre.


In addition to this: another conservation area (Gateacre); two more golf links (Allerton and Lee Park); another four pubs; two more Places of Worship (St. Stephen, Gateace, and St. Columba, Hunts Cross); five more parks (Calderstones Park (Green Flag award), Allerton Tower, Clarke Gardens, Halewood Triangle Country Park and the Eric Hardy Nature Reserve, as well as two National Trust houses where John Lennon and Paul McCartney lived - and they first met at St. Peter’s Church Hall in 1957!

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